MonasteryTransylvanian Concert CD

ECM Records 2013
Lucian Ban (piano), Mat Maneri (viola).

Transylvanian Concert CD

Serenade (for A. Hill)Mystery CD

Sunnyside Records 2013
Lucian Ban (p), Abraham Burton (ts), John Hebert (b), Eric McPherson (dr)

Mystery CDMystery CD

Aura (excerpt)Fantasm

Nemu Records 2014
Albrecht Maurer (violin), Lucian Ban (piano), Mat Maneri (viola).


Prelude a l'Unison (after George Enesco)Enesco Re-Imagined CD

Sunnyside Records 2010
Tony Malaby (ts), Ralph Alessi (tp), Mat Maneri (vla), Albrecht Maurer (vln), Gerald Cleaver dr), Lucian Ban (p), John Hebert (b), Badal Roy (tabla).

Enesco Re-Imagined CD

HieroglyphicsCD Playground

Jazzaway Records 2005
Lucian Ban (piano) Jorge Sylvester (alto), Brad Jones (bass) and Derrek Phillips (drums).

CD Playground

Another FarewellLucian Ban TRIO

Live @ The Stone NYC featuring Hill Greene (bass) and Barry Altschul (drums). Sometime in 2007



Live Version @ the now defunct Europa Club in Greenpoint NY featuring Bruce Williams (alto sax), Alex Harding (bari sax), Lucian Ban (piano), Derrek Phillips (drums) and Bob Stewart (tuba). Sometimes 2005.


SymmetryCD Playground

Jazzaway Records 2005
Lucian Ban (piano) & Jorge Sylvester (alto sax) from album " Playground "

CD Playground

PremonitionCD Premonition

CIMP Records 2002
Erik Torrente (alto), Alex Harding (bari), Lucian Ban (piano), Chris Dahlgren (bass) Damion Reid (drums).

CD Premonition

DriftingCD Somethin' Holy

From duet album Somethin' Holy featuring Alex Harding on bari sax & Lucian Ban on piano. CD out on CIMP Records.

CD Somethin' Holy

EstoniaCD The Calling

Jazzaway Records 2006
From Alex Harding's Blutopia album feat Nasheet Waits (drums), Brad Jones (bass), Andrew Daniels (perc), Lucian Ban (piano) and Alex Harding (bass cl).

CD The Calling