September 01, 2018| 8pm / 1 set only

Brooklyn, NY US

LUCIAN BAN & JORGE SYLVESTER "Asymmetry" Playing with JORGE SYLVESTER one of the great alto saxophonists and an old colaborator. I have worked with Jorge in may projects through the year, featuring Barry Altschul, Carlo DeRosa, Sam Newsome, Alex Harding, Bob Stewart, etc . . . and our 4tet Asymmetry that released for Jazzaway Playground in 2007. Always a treat to be making music with him.


From Manhattan, the last car of the train to 7th Avenue, Brooklyn. Exit at the southwest corner exit Make a u-turn and walk downhill on 9th street towards 6th Avenue. Barbes is on your left at 376 9th Street, a couple of stores in from the corner of 6th Avenue.