August 04, 2018| 8pm / 1 set only

Brooklyn, NY US

LUCIAN BAN & MAT MANERI "Transylvanian Concert" Celebrating the ECM Records "Transylvanian Concert" album and presenting new material for un upcomming session at our favorite Brooklyn location. Special project feat. violist Mat Maneri and JOHN SURMAN (bari sax, bass cl & sop sax) re-imaginingTransylvanian folk songs collected by Bela Bartok at the begining of the XX century. Produced by Jazz Updates and TM2021


From Manhattan, the last car of the train to 7th Avenue, Brooklyn. Exit at the southwest corner exit Make a u-turn and walk downhill on 9th street towards 6th Avenue. Barbes is on your left at 376 9th Street, a couple of stores in from the corner of 6th Avenue.